Hi. My name is Maria and am from Madrid (Spain). I moved from Madrid to Washington DC in July 2011 for love reasons. Those who know me well, know that I have always had a romantic relationship with food. However, on the past months I have also grown a passion for making food.

I think I prefer savory over sweet, although it might depend on the day. I love chocolate and everything with chocolate in it. I die for gazpacho and Iberian ham. Besides food, I also like to travel and see new places, I take pictures with analog plastic cameras (maybe I'll put some here some time) and, overall, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.


Spoonglish is a food blog and like every food blog it has (will have) recipes and stories. However, what makes Spoonglish different from other food blogs is that it is written in both English and Spanish. Right now you are reading the English version of the blog. If you click on the ESPAÑOL tab, you will see the Spanish version. Both versions contain the same stories, pictures and recipes.
So now you ask, couldn't you just choose one language instead of writing the same stuff in two different languages? I could. But why would I want to do that? While it is true that I mostly write this blog for myself as a recipe notebook, it is also intended to reach my family and friends, and in the future, maybe more people in the cyber-world will be interested in reading my recipes. So writing the blog in two different languages allows it to reach more of my people and more people in general.

Some of the recipes that you can find here are (will be) adapted from other blogs or cookbooks. Others are family recipes (oh yeah, I have a big family of food addicts back in the old Spain). Finally, I am also planning to create my own recipes, and when they are good, post them too.


  1. Ayyyy! Madre que bien me escribe la niña en iglis! I'm so proud!! muac!

  2. Wow, María, didnt know this about you, love the blog!

  3. Loca lloro!!! Que bella, me encanta esta idea! Voy a empezar a probar a ver que tal me va con las recetas :)!!